Monday, January 2, 2012

The countdown has started!

It's official! I leave the U.S. on January 7th- which is Saturday! I'm so very excited to head back to Haiti.

December has been a crazy month of festivities, friends, family, & fun. I left Salt Lake City and have spent the holidays with my family in Charleston, SC. I've learned to play a new card game- Dutch Blitz- spent some quality time with my brother & sister-in-law's dog Ruby, eaten great food cooked by my Mom, and been introduced to some amazing little people named Charis & Matt Jr (the kiddos of some of my dearest friends).
One of the many faces I'm excited to see soon!

Last week in SLC with Emily & Lisa

Fundraising dinner at Carol's house. I will dream about that food for months to come. Such a wonderful gift.

Classy family time- boys went to the shooting range, girls took a belly dancing class.

New Years Day Tradition- homemade egg rolls & fried rice

I have also decided that, in addition to starting a blog, I am starting my own 365 Project, attempting to take a picture a day this year. Here goes nothing!

January 1- reunion with Maegen & Suzanne in Summerville

I had the privilege of getting to talk Haiti with my friend Rusty, who will also be in Haiti, at Journey Church. So fun. I'm very thankful for all the support. For listening to me chat on and on about Jubilee. 

So set your calendars- January 7th! Flight leaves 6 AM from Charleston & I'll be in Haiti by noon.

Give us grace to trust your presence even when we feel your absence


  1. You'll be in our thoughts, Grace. And... I'm glad you had the privilege of learning Dutch Blitz! Good game! We're all eager for your next post. Lots of love to you.