Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My name is VenDis

I have a new nickname: VenDis. Now if you know Creole, you know that this is not a word. The story goes that I was practicing some of my new phrases in Creole, asking a kid how old they were. He answered "Dis" which is 10. He then asked how old I was. Instead of saying vensenk (25), I got flustered and said "Vendis" which literally means 20 10. Well, Weisgeur, one of the teenage boys here who was with me, literally fell over laughing. And from here on out, I am VenDis. I've always wanted a sweet nickname. And I'm hoping that everyday it will break down a little bit more of my pride and remind me that I'm wrong quite frequently. Maybe God knew that I needed to be reminded of this. And it makes all of the Haitians chuckle- or laugh out loud- so that's a bonus.

Teenage boys hanging out after helping us scrape and paint
This week, I've got a little cold. Part of being here, especially initially, is letting my body get used to all the dust, germs, and other wonderful things that comes from living here, kissing snotty faces, and eating new food. If you've known me for awhile, you know that I lose my voice on a regular basis. Usually when I'm getting better. So I've been hoarse for a few days. Learning to listen more than talk.
JAN 21- Julie is home!
JAN 22- Painting and scraping
JAN 23- Homemade tomato soup. April had a spiritual experience
JAN 24- Meal planning with fresh fruits & veggies is GOOD
JAN 24- Beginning of Jubilee


  1. Hi VenDis! haha I love it :-) sad you're hoarse, hope you feel better soon! you need tea??

  2. Hello, sweetie! Love you very much and I love your blog. Finally figured out how to post. I know you were glad when electricity came on. Pray you feel better and get over the hoarseness. Maybe tea and your Daddy's honey. Love you much, Aunt D.