Sunday, February 5, 2012

What else is the world interested in?

FEB 1- Post Creole class at the girl's house
FEB 2- April and I adventuring to a beautiful beach (minus the trash). We then get street chicken for everyone, which I carried back on the back of her moto. We've got major skills.
FEB 3- One of my favorite faces chowing on some bread at Jubilee School.
FEB 4- Doing some major painting at the girls house. Chalkboard paint is AWESOME!
I'm currently reading a biography on Dorothy Day. If you don't know a lot about her, I'd encourage you to do a little exporing. Great story. Wisdom in failure and success.

"Whenever I groan within myself and think how hard it is to keep writing about love in these times of tension and strife which may, at any moment, become for us all a time of terror, I think to myself: What else is the world interested in? What else do we all want, each one of us, except to love and be loved, in our families, in our work, in all our relationships? God is Love. Love casts out fear. Even the most ardent revolutionist, seeking to change the world, to overturn the tables of the money changers, is trying to make a world where it is easier for people to love, to stand in that relationship to each other…There can never be enough of it."
-Dorothy Day

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  1. That's a great quote! Thanks for sharing:) I hope you're doing well and are enjoying your time with missio people!!