Saturday, March 3, 2012

Port Au Prince

We went to the most WONDERFUL place called Serenity Cove...

...and drank coffee out of the smallest cups.

Happy Birthday dinner, Tia!

Cheese is a rare find... and it clearly makes us excited

Hadn't seen Ben this happy in weeks!
A few of us journeyed into Port Au Prince for a few days last weekend. It was a great time to celebrate Tia's birthday, plus Keziah hooked us up with directions (via a map that looked like we were searching for buried treasure) to a place called Serenity Cove. It was full of art, beautiful clothing, amazing food, and spectacular plants. You could take this place, as is, and plop it into Asheville, NC. We sat for 4 hours and just took it all in. It was so very removed from life in Jubilee. After a week of hell, it was a wonderful, wonderful break. Plus, we got to eat some ice cream.

"We found love in a hopeless place." - We Found Love, Rihanna


  1. I love you Grace. Keep finding beauty in the small things. Miss you :)

  2. Ha! Love the Rihanna shout-out! While I was eating breakfast with Lisa and Amanda a couple weeks ago when Amanda had just gotten back, I told them my brain was on repeat singing that song. I asked Amanda if she thought Haiti was a hopeless place. She said, "No, God is there. With God there, there is always hope." Amen sista. Then Lisa proceeded to put the song over their loud speaker and point and laugh at me while I danced around their kitchen.