Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When your arm itches, check for ringworm

One day we will have a NEW clinic!

Frisbee with Journey Church

My beautiful desk

End paint job!

Making Joyner Mac & Cheese

It came out beautifully- and there were no leftovers

This is what happens when your roommate on her moto meets the road

Meet my new friend, Fredrick. My ringworm.


  1. My mac and cheese is now in a new country. How exciting!! It looks perfect. Hope the ringworm goes away quickly. Love your desk in my favorite color. Miss you greatly and love you more! Aunt Druid

  2. Love the update, hate the ring worm :/ I would love to hear how Blemi is doing when you get a chance (the little girl with scabies that I fell so in love with). I think of her often