Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fevers, Maggots, Fevers

We have seen around 20 extra kids per day in clinic this week with fevers. These kids are not patients that we would usually see. Our rule is that we see general medical need patients on Monday. Every other day is a designated day for blood pressure, prenatal care, etc. The 2 exceptions to our rule are blood and fevers. And this week has been fevers, fevers, fevers. Those fevers range from 99 to, the winner thus far, 105! Rainy season has started so we are seeing more malaria and cholera. And season changes are hard on people, even in the States. But it is insane. At this rate, we should be a clinic that does nothing but treat people with fevers. And if we did that, we would have more than enough to do. So tomorrow, usually a catch-up day, I will be heading into clinic to check on our feverish kids.

On another note, last Friday I was in a midwife class. Now don't laugh- for those of you who know me know that OB-GYN is NOT my love. I was there with a woman who has been visiting and doing classes with the midwives as well as running prenatal clinics. We were in the feeding center here, and there was a knock on the door. I step out and see a Mama with a little girl with a giant, swollen ear and fever. Kelly (nurse, Avett-loving friend from Georgia) and I take them into the clinic. Her ear is so swollen that I know there is no way to get an otoscope in. So we proceed to wipe some of the pus out. At one point, Kelly stops and looks to see a maggot the end of her Q-tip! As a medical professional, you know not to just freak out in front of your patients. But it was really hard! We continued to get as much of the good stuff out as possible, start her on meds for the ear infection, and tell her to come back to clinic. Monday when she came in, I took the otoscope to check on the ear and there were little heads of maggots sticking out of a open wound in her ear...MOVING! When I think about that, it still makes me feel sick and have goose bumps. Total, we have taken 11 maggots out of this little girl's ear. And while in this picture they are small, they have been progressively increasing in size. We are hoping to get her into Port Au Prince to have someone surgically make sure they are all gone.

Hello, first maggot.

We smile because we are terrified.
On another note, my puppy dog now weighs 22.6 lbs! And continues to bring me and the girls in my house a lot of laughs and joy. Plus the kiddos in Jubilee are fascinated by him. When we took him into Port Au Prince to get a few more vaccination, he got to go swimming in the ocean with Ben & Djeff.

Singing in the car with Ben

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