Saturday, June 30, 2012


One of the odd things about clinic here is that things tend to come in waves. We'll go weeks without seeing something funny enough to send someone for an HIV test. But then 3 weeks ago, we sent & received 3 people with positive results. The past month or so we have had an incredibly high number of burn patients. One 9 month old little boy with old burns from a house fire who we sent to Port Au Prince to get some skin released. Hoping that he will one day learn to walk despite his extensive burns. A man who burned his face from oil. Praying that his vision will return to normal with time. A 2 year old little girl from Jubilee who was in a bed when it caught fire. Convincing myself that the cleaning and pain will be worth it. And remembering when, months ago, a friend & little girl who got plastic burned on her face. How heartbreaking it was for her to scream my name as we held her down & cleaned her face. 

To have her now come visit me in clinic, hang with me at the house in Jubilee, & walk my little dog around to visit our neighbors. The waves come & there is no predicting them. 

"Go and find Jesus when your patience and strength give out and you feel alone and helpless. He is waiting for you. Say to him, 'Jesus, you know exactly what is going on. You are all I have, and you know all. Come to my help.' And then go and don't worry about how you are going to manage. That you have told God about it is enough. He has a good memory."
~Jeanne Jugan

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  1. Grace! her face looks amazing! Good job =)
    - melissa