Friday, July 20, 2012

Got saved by some Baptists

Last weekend, we had big plans. Plans to make the jump across the border from Haiti to the DR. Well, this is Haiti. And it didn't happen. There was lots of riding in the car, rain, sketchy cops, & traffic in Port Au Prince. But we decided that we were all still in for an adventure. So we decided to head south to Jacmel. A few wrong turns, some more traffic & darkness happened. And we ended up rolling into the Baptist Mission Haiti that night. No reservation. No call. They don't know us. But we chatted up some security guards, pulled some very gracious missionaries from their movie night, & ended up staying in an apartment up in the mountains of Kenscoff. For two days. It was cold- I wore long pants, long-sleeved tshirt, & a blanket or two, we had REAL soft serve ice cream, & ended up hiking into a ravine, and then up another ravine to find a waterfall. Restful & oh so beautiful. We are so grateful that there was room in the inn.
Beautiful hike up a river. Yeah, walking through the river
We hit a huge landmark this week in clinic. We have been talking, dreaming, emailing, & talking some more about re-vamping out prenatal program. And this week, our staff started doing blood sugar tests for our ladies at 7 months and monthly urine tests. Plus we introduced completely new charting. I know that now that I fall into the "missionary" category, everything I do should make me joyful & happy all the time... right? No. There are still things that require work and effort. But for an end result. A lot of what we do here is like walking up that river- it takes a lot of work and can be exhausting but the beauty along the way is worth it. Plus occasionally you get to see things change. Or run into a waterfall. And those glimpses stick with me and help me to remember to not forget to be thankful. For the Haitian clinic staff here. For friends- with both white & black skin. For random time in Port Au Prince to see a little girl we sent there for severe malnutrition. For soccer games. For new music sent from a friend. It's such a blessing to find something to strive for.

"Give us the courage to win over our enemies by our love and to wear them down with our grace."

"I'll put one foot in front of the other one.
I don't need a new love or a new life
Just a better place to die."
-"One Foot" by Fun.

Labs in clinic!
Soccer tournament in Jubilee

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