Thursday, August 16, 2012


Have you ever noticed how quiet things tend to be in the US of A? Really. Take a minute, walk inside your house, turn off all your electronics, & listen. No one shouting outside to come buy water, no rumbling of tap taps & motos, no dogs barking, no generators rumbling, & no Haitian doorbell (taking a rock, tapping it on a metal gate). When it rains, you can sit inside your house, in the air conditioning, & enjoy power despite the storm blowing outside. You can actually do laundry while water is falling from the sky! And your clothes dry. Candles are for decoration & scents not for practicality. Toilets flush without the help of a bucket of water. You can drink out of the faucet- without adopting a little creature into your body. Crazy!

This week I am enjoying some quiet. Seeing friends, road trips, reading, new movies, & eating good food. And I'm very thankful for it.

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