Thursday, August 23, 2012

Well hello, Isaac

Hurricane prep is something that is very normal to me. Growing up in South Carolina, I have memories of my whole family sleeping on futons in the living room, evacuating & sitting on 1-26 for hours (and never leaving Charleston), & buying Teddy Grahams for our evacuation during Hurricane Hugo. No big deal, right? That was when I lived in a country full of closing windows, paved roads, & reliable power. Not in the Caribbean. Enter Tropical Storm Isaac. As of right now, it's poised to hit us tonight & tomorrow. Possibly being a Category 1 Hurricane. So today is full of prep.

Clinic ran as normal today- except that when we were done, we covered out shelves with plastic, put down the shutters, and moved everything away from the windows. I said a special prayer as I taped the filing cabinet, knowing that water damage to our files would be devastating to me. Then we made a place for our little elderly people to come stay- away from their mud huts in Jubilee. And while all of this was happening, no one I talked to actually believed that the rain was coming. And I hope that they are right. 

So tonight I'm going to grab the E-pack (emergency pack), head to Lala's house, get wet (of that I'm sure), play some games, & wait out the storm. Going to join the hurricane party happening at the Jubilee school, hoping that it's completely unnecessary. Pray for the hurricane to turn. 
Filing cabinet- taped up and waiting
Thank you, Scott & WD40


  1. Our house church is praying for you and Haiti tonight!! Much love and care coming your way soon.

  2. Praying for you and all those at Jubilee through the storm.

  3. good to know what's going on...i was wondering if isaac had affected y'all yet. praying he doesn't hit too hard!

  4. praying for you all in jubilee!!!

  5. Lots of prayers for you all, sweet Grace!