Friday, September 28, 2012

I followed till I finally lost my way

I wanted to share this: 
one more blog about the bus accident written by my dear friend, Amanda. 
Movie night: AKA we talked everyone into helping us cut LOTS of gauze for clinic
Friend with healed burns. She ran, RAN to me the day before I left for the States. 
Little boy we are hoping to help get surgery for his burned feet.

"Forever I will move like the world that turns beneath me
And when I lose my direction I'll look up to the sky
And when the black cloak drags upon the ground
I'll be ready to surrender, and remember
Well we're all in this together
If I live the life I'm given, I won't be scared to die"

-The Once & Future Carpenter-
The Avett Brothers

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Charleston Bound

It is very different, entering back into this world in the USA. I'm used to sitting in my new apartment at night, listening to men play dominos outside on the street. They slap them hard on the tables & yell numbers. Tonight, I sit in the JFK airport listening to people call gate changes, attempt to ignore the political rambling on the televisions, & pass by people speaking a variety of different languages.
Different, oh so different.

I have the crazy privilege of living with 2 people... well 2.5 if you could my dog, Tortuga. To have people who will sit up with you late into the night, on the porch with no power (of course), as you buy last minute flights to go see your niece, ride with you into Port Au Prince so you don't have to go alone, & take care of your dog while you're gone. These are people who I am choosing to be very thankful for. And, bonus, they are crazy fun.

So I'm Charleston bound tonight, as long as my flight isn't canceled. Eager to see my family and it's newest member, Willow Psalm Wicker.

It's better to feel pain
Than nothing at all
The opposite of love is indifference
~Stubborn Love~
The Lumineers

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dr. King

I am currently reading The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. I have not spent a ton of time reading things written by him. Interesting, refreshing, & inspiring.

Riding in the back of the new, blue truck.
Beautiful faces on the first day back to school. 
Made a stop at the bus crash site early one morning.
Sun setting, storm blowing in on a drive back from Port Au Prince.
"Cannot we agree that the time has indeed come for an all-out war on poverty...
We have, it seems, shut the poor out of our minds and driven them from the mainstream of our society. We have allowed the poor to become invisible, and we have become angry when they make their presence felt. But just as nonviolence has exposed the ugliness of racial injustice, we must now find ways to expose and heal the sickness of poverty- not just its symptoms, but its basic causes."
-Martin Luther King, Jr.