Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Charleston Bound

It is very different, entering back into this world in the USA. I'm used to sitting in my new apartment at night, listening to men play dominos outside on the street. They slap them hard on the tables & yell numbers. Tonight, I sit in the JFK airport listening to people call gate changes, attempt to ignore the political rambling on the televisions, & pass by people speaking a variety of different languages.
Different, oh so different.

I have the crazy privilege of living with 2 people... well 2.5 if you could my dog, Tortuga. To have people who will sit up with you late into the night, on the porch with no power (of course), as you buy last minute flights to go see your niece, ride with you into Port Au Prince so you don't have to go alone, & take care of your dog while you're gone. These are people who I am choosing to be very thankful for. And, bonus, they are crazy fun.

So I'm Charleston bound tonight, as long as my flight isn't canceled. Eager to see my family and it's newest member, Willow Psalm Wicker.

It's better to feel pain
Than nothing at all
The opposite of love is indifference
~Stubborn Love~
The Lumineers

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