Saturday, October 27, 2012


Early this morning I was jolted out of sleep to screaming outside of our apartment. Screaming. "Wake up! Wake up!" Trust me, when someone is screaming that, it happens. The yelling continued "The ocean is rising! The ocean is rising & more rain is coming!" Kez & I sat up, peaking out onto the street to see people scrambling. And then the rain came. So different from the rain from Hurricane Sandy. It was hard, blowing rain. It came into the windows and through the door of our porch, soaking anything that was close to the windows. So we scrambled to close them & move our valuables out of harms way. Plus get the poor dog off the porch- his bedroom. 

Gonaives has had serious flooding issues. In 2004 and 2008, days of rain and mudslides brought massive flooding. And you can see how affected the people here are after living through that. This week I watched as people took all that they could carry up the mountain after just one day of rain. You hear those tell stories of spending days on the roof of a three story building, waiting for the water to recede & help to arrive. A friend who stayed in a tree for 3 days, watching the destruction from his perch. There are legitimate reasons for this fear that exists.

When the rain was dying down, we watched as neighbors walked outside to make sure all of the drains were still working. That the water was rushing, not standing on the street. And this morning, even as I write this, people peek in to check on us. Solidarity. Neighbors.

"Lord, teach us the power of a generosity that interrupts the logic of scarcity with the extravagant of self-giving of divine love. Amen."
-Common Prayer-

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