Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Everything is better with avocados

Everything is better with avocados. They are in season & it's pretty amazing to purchase a large, ripe avocado for about 40 cents. Our house goes through a lot of them. Superfood! I've been trying to get more adventurous in cooking, so a few nights ago, I made an attempt at Huevos Rancheros. Not bad for a first round. Becky, I thought you'd be proud. Also, we made a little post-birthday trip to the river. Fun for us, the dog, & everyone there watching us. Kez brought killer food which, of course, meant avocados. Delicious fun. Everything is better with avocados.
They are becoming more like each other everyday. 
Homemade banana bread
The Safehouse (check out this link!)
The process 
Delicious end result

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  1. I am jealous of the life my brother lives with y'all. :)

    I think it is marvelous.