Monday, November 19, 2012

Werewolves and Powerless Days

After almost 7 full days without power, I am back! And let me tell you, when the sun goes down early, many odd discussions are had. I feel as though as the days without power passed, our silliness just grew. On Sunday morning, Keziah and I were prancing around the room being insanely ridiculous as Chris watched us, thoroughly amused. That is when I realized that we needed the power to come back. And, when I returned from clinic today, it was on!
Hanging out... changing skin graft bandages
Friend from this summer who has burns on his feet from a house fire.
I have moments here when I just shake my head and go "Wow, is this my life?" Today I had just such a moment. Our Haitian nurse, Vesline, had asked me to be present to evaluate a patient who she said has been having seizures. So today after we finished with general patients, I sat down with them. I am (and forever will be) learning Creole. But as I listened to her describe what had been going on, I wrinkled my forehead, and turned to our English-speaking nursing assistant, confused. 
"Did she just say that she has seizures when there is a full moon?"
 She went on to describe her symptoms, which sounded very crazy and super confusing. She was not describing a seizure disorder. She was describing being a Werewolf. My staff turned to look at me, waiting for me to respond. 
"Well, I think, based on looking at her, that we should send her for an HIV test." 
Heads nodded. 
"And I think we should pray for her." 
I treasure the time of prayer I have had with our nursing assistants and nurse. I love hearing Oscar pray because he speaks with beautiful words, knowledge, precision and authority. So as I walked over to the dirtbag house to pick up a friend to head to the market, I ran into Rusty. 
"I just spent some time praying the Werewolf out of a woman in clinic. Yeah..." 
This is my life. 
"The more I get to know Jesus, the more trouble He seems to get me in."
The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical
Shane Claiborne

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