Thursday, February 7, 2013

Companions Required

This past weekend, I was sitting, reading, & felt a sense of overwhelming thankfulness. For people who come to visit and play such a huge part in what is happening here. This past week I had the privilege of working with a group of friends- who also just happen to be physical & occupational therapists. They took on the challenge of seeing a variety of patients with developmental problems, difficulty with daily activities, physical deficits, & a variety of other issues. Not to mention they spent time in the 3 & 4-K rooms at the school. I loved hearing them think and then get to work. They came up with recommendations, exercises, games, etc.- then they made it happen! Many trips to the market, measuring feet (length & width), construction projects, & exercise checklists. They started & finished their programs. And the best part is that this is consistency at its finest! Meaning the next therapists we have come can piggyback their work- see what has been done & implemented, & then adjust. Consistency is severely lacking in the medical world here, but we are being diligent. And simply creating consistency where there has been none. Overwhelming thankfulness.

"To walk alone is possible, but the good walker knows that the great trip is life and it requires companions."
-Bishop Camara

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  1. So apparently its been a while since i have looked at your blog! Love you Grace and love seeing how God is working in Haiti thru the darkness and in the lighthearted moments as well!