Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Friday Night Entertainment

We have started doing a cookout every Friday night with everyone. It includes the teams, some of our Haitian community, a few Canadians, & the Americans. Last Friday night, the team from Missio Dei Community & our Gonaives Community had the privilege of getting a one time only, musical performance from Chris Greene & Keziah Furth. This came about because of a special request for Cole, an incredibly creative 9 yr old boy visiting Haiti for the first time with his Dad. The performance involved music, costume changes, laughing at ourselves, spectacular acting, & some hilarious stories. I feel as though the laughter we experience here in Haiti comes from deep inside & creates life as it leaves our mouthes. If only every Friday was this fun.

"Life is worth living if there's a laugh in it."
-Anne of Green Gables

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