Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Magical Mess

This is not a shining moment of mine. That is my preface to this post. But my explanation is this: we cannot fit all supplies in clinic due to space, so we keep some things in a pharmacy room at The Big House. Therefore, we have created something that may appear to be a black hole or, well, just a mess.

But this mess has also become a magical place. C.S. Lewis writes about children walking into a wardrobe and discovering they are in an enchanted land. Jesus fed thousands of people with just a few fish & some bread. This pharmacy closet multiplies & amazes me. I cannot even begin to explain. Times when I walk in, knowing that a medication isn't there- only to find it sitting on a shelf. Gauze when we have run out in clinic. Antibiotics that are expensive & difficult to obtain. Braces, crutches, inhalers- you name it, we have found it.

So don't get me wrong, it does need to be cleaned out & I will add it to my To Do List. But I also like to have my magical closet. You're just never really sure what you'll find!

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
-George Eliot-

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  1. Love this. We have been watching Narnia this week a little bit every day so Mia an I love hearing about your magic closet. Every time we get to certain parts, Mia says, "I love that!" or "I love them!" especially when Mr. T. the fawn shows up. We also are very fond of Pooh, Piglet, and Carl, who is now Tug. You are talking about all of our "favorite things!" Loved being with you and having you answer the home phone and hearing your voice. A gift to me. We will see you soon for your special day. Hoping to get by and see Chris and maybe meet some of his family when I go to Sea Island. I love you, sweet girl.