Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Have you heard the news?!

The day is getting closer and closer...

"I haven't eyes for anyone else
I'm thinking of you and nobody else
I haven't eyes for anyone else
But you."
-Lover Like You, Avett Brothers-

"I wouldn't want to marry anybody who was wicked, but I think I'd like it if he could be wicked and wouldn't."
Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery


  1. So cute! Meriwether and I were driving home from seeing Ruthie and Samuel yesterday, and we remembered that quote and how much we loved it, and here it is! Anne said it so well. So happy for you and can't wait until the day. I love you, sweetie! Aunt Druid

  2. You look so darn happy. I am so happy about that. I wish so much that I was going to Haiti to see you on your day. I miss ya.

    Suzy Q