Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas, from our Klinik to yours!

Today, I had the privilege of being Santa Clause or "Tonton Noel" for our staff. Delivering little gifts of fun, plus their end of the year pay and bonus. I have the privilege of working with some fabulous people. 
I have had a fellow nurse & Canandian named Ang work with me these past few months. She has not only worked with us in Klinik, she & her husband are some of our housemates. Her cooking skills are unreal, she's always down for a board game, and going to the market together is a guaranteed adventure. She & Phil are returning home to have their own little bundle of joy early next year. But we will miss her at Klinik Jubilee. It has been amazing to watch people respond to hearing that she is pregnant, plus the change of calls on the street- from "blanc" (white person) to "gwo vant" (pregnant lady). Their sweet baby is going to be one lucky kid.
Meet Vanel- or "J.B." are we tend to call him. He graduated from the nursing assistant program here and began working with us this summer. His smile and response of "no problem" to whatever comes his way makes working with him stress-free.
Samuela has been with us since the very beginning of my working in Klinik. She was a graduate of the very first nursing assistant class. Not only is she insanely smart, but she has a kindness that makes her a favorite of most of our elderly people who come for our blood pressure program. Don't let her soft spoken voice fool you- she has a spunky attitude that is perfect for her work at Klinik.
Joining us in May, Wisline is one of the newer members of our staff. She is the class clown, always having a funny joke or comment. She never fails to keep us smiling and laughing. She is also the only nurse I have met that sat for the national exams and has an actual nursing license in Haiti. One great lady!
Although Oscar has left us during the week, his presence is still felt during rounds in the village of Jubilee on the weekends. He goes to nursing school for 12 hours, 5 days a week, then goes visiting on his days off. We can't wait for Oscar to graduate!
Oscar's buddy for Jubilee home visits in Valmy. Not only was he in our wedding in Haiti, happens to be one of my husband's dearest friends, and loves my dog, but is a huge asset to our Klinik. His gentle spirit is perfect for his visits in Jubilee.
And although she has been gone all fall, we cannot forget Keziah! She was a built-in BFF when I first moved to Haiti. I'm counting down the days until she can come home. It does not matter if we are cooking dinner or stitching up a little kid who stepped on a glass bottle, everything is better when she is around.
So as we finish off another year in Jubilee, we wish you a "Bon Fet Noel" or Merry Christmas from hot, dusty Gonaives. 
Bon Fet Noel, from our Klinik to yours!
"What if Christmas doesn't come from a store. 
What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more."
How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
-Dr. Seuss-