Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Never be put to confusion

We have anywhere between 150-250 patients who come through our Klinik door every week. That is a lot of different faces, illnesses, cuts, and difficulties. The shocking part is that there are patients that I see every week and I still have a difficult time remembering their names. Others I will probably remember for the rest of my life. Certain patients stick with you.

I have been taking care of a special family since I first came to Haiti. I have seen every single member of their family for one reason or another. Serious illnesses, cuts and bruises, pregnancies, etc. Our story has involved lots of joy. The joy is sweet when it comes because we also understand great sorrow. We walked together after they lost a child. Still, to this day, the sweet Dad cries when he talks of losing his youngest.

The end of this week and this coming weekend are some big days for this family and for our Klinik in general. Our nurse will be going to Port au Prince to follow-up with a patient who we sent for cancer treatment. Keziah, my fellow ninja nurse, is taking two patients for surgeries. One for a cleft lip/palate repair, another for plastic surgery to repair damage from a burn. I will be taking this sweet family to a different part of Haiti in hopes of getting some more extensive medical care than what is offered in Gonaives. This is always a gamble, but pray with us for guidance, wisdom, and health.

The name of the Momma in this family is Dieu la. Literally meaning "God is here." Her name was written on a boat out by the ocean. As we passed it today, I was reminded that God is here. Right here.

"In You, O Lord, have I put my trust. Let me never be put to confusion."
Psalm 71:1

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Give us courage

As we walk through Holy Week and prepare for Easter, I am reading from Common Prayer.
I love the mix of liturgy, songs, and scripture. 

"Save us, Lord, but not us alone: redeem your whole creation."

Some days as I am in Jubilee, my eyes so easily see beautiful things. A little boy learning to walk for the very first time using a walker, every step such a triumph. Our dear nurse, calling to give me updates on a sick cancer patient, telling me she prays for her every night. A musical medley coming from Klinik Jubilee, a room filled with malnourished and developmentally delayed kids playing instruments together.

"Save us, Lord, but not us alone: redeem your whole creation."

Then other days there are haunting faces you cannot forget. A girl in her early twenties diagnosed with cancer. A perfectly healthy baby boy abandoned by her Mom. A pregnant friend who was slapped around by an ex-boyfriend. A little boy with a burned arm.

"Save us, Lord, but not us alone: redeem your whole creation."

So as we enjoy a cooling rain here in Gonaives, I sit in bed and remember that He has redeemed.

"Give us courage to live in a world we cannot fix with hope that is has already been redeemed."